Serenade Speaker

Growing up in New Zealand the songs of native birds are easily identifiable. Each serenade speaker plays a unique bird call such as a Tui, Kereru, or Kakapo. Multiple speakers can be hung together, to be able to play multiple bird calls at once. ​

The word serenade originated as a nocturnal song of courtship. The music was played in the open air to a loved one, through the window or by a balcony.  The speaker hangs so sound can travel in all directions through the open air.  ​


Serenade was created through digital manufacturing techniques.  3D printed out of a wood pulp filament, the material acts as wood, so it can be stained and manipulated to look like wood grain. Macrame elements are used to secure the speaker in place and to hang it from a tree.  A sliding volume switch easily turns the speaker on and off. Serenade is designed to be hung somewhere such as Karori Wildlife sanctuary, Otari Bush, or your back garden.  

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