Key Hub

Home is the place you return to, and that home becomes yours when you receive that shiny new set of keys. But every key need a place to return to. It was our goal to design an elegant wall piece that would provide the user with a hub to place their keys as well as habitual items such as coats and hats in a way that one becomes accustomed to using it when transitioning to and from their home.


 In developing this idea further, the fluid pattern of extruding eye-shaped blocks serves as individual hubs that are magnetically attached to the mainframe. Grooves are cut out for pegs that serve as additional clothing hooks and in the shape of a key made from Acrylic that can be attached to the user’s keychain. This allows the individual to place their acrylic key onto a groove of their choice and due to the detachable nature of the blocks; can be moved around. Providing the user with an interactive experience when placing keys into their Hub. For practical reasons the colour red has been chosen, and to cater for various individual preferences we allow for the colour and quantity of keys to be specified upon ordering with us at KeyHub.

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